Allocosa palabunda (L. Koch, 1877)

Female and male of Allocosa palabunda [as illustrated in Koch (1877a)]. Cephalothorax length female 12 mm, male 9 mm.

Systematics and Taxonomy

Lycosa palabunda  L. Koch, 1877a: 906-908, plate 78, Figs 3, 3A-B, 4, 4A.
Lycosa palabunda L. Koch.- Rainbow, 1911: 271.
Allocosa palabunda (L. Koch).- Roewer, 1955c: 206.
Allocosa palabunda (L. Koch).- Rack, 1961: 38.
Lycosa palabunda L. Koch.- McKay, 1973: 379.
Lycosa palabunda L. Koch.- McKay, 1985b: 81.



N.B. Koch (1877a) lists material from Rockhampton, Sydney and Gayndah from the Museum Godeffroy. As the '2 syntypes' in the ZMH are from Rockhampton (Rack, 1961) and the male in the BMNH is from Gayndah, it can be assumed that the females in the BMNH are the Sydney specimens. Other material listed by Koch (1877a) was collected on South Sea (= Pacific) Islands  ("Südseeinseln") then described from 'Bradleys Collection'. This collection is now housed in the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney, but the types of this species have not yet been located there (M. Humphreys, pers. comm.).


Known only from type localities in New South Wales, Queensland, and Pacific Islands (?).

Biological Reference

Mascord (1970) provides a photograph and some biological reference of this species.


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