Artoria howquaensis Framenau, 2002

Male habitus (A, MV K7467) and left pedipalp (B-D) and female epigyne (E-G, MV K7468, MV K 7773) of Artoria howquaensis [as illustrated in Framenau (2002)]. Scale bar: A, 1.84 mm; B, C, 0.49 mm; D, 0.21; E, F, G, 0.6 mm.

Systematics and Taxonomy

Artoria howquaensis Framenau, 2002: 217-218, Figs. 9A-G, 10.
Artoria howquaensis Framenau, Gotch & Austin, in press: ##-##, Figs 59-61.





Female  (with eggsac) of Artoria howquaensis (Photo: Jennifer Shield).


Currently known from Victoria [map as illustrated in Framenau (2002)], and South Australia (not mapped below).


Muddy and sandy banks of lowland rivers (Framenau, 2002; Artoria sp. C in Framenau et al., 2002), and mound springs along the Great Artesian Basin in South Australia (Travis Gotch, pers. communication).


Volker W. Framenau, 2002

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