Artoria lineata (L. Koch, 1877)

Male of Artoria lineata [as illustrated in Koch (1877a)]. Cephalothorax length 2.5 mm

Systematics and Taxonomy

Trabea lineata L. Koch 1877a: 970-971, plate 84, Figs. 7, 7A-B.
Trabaea lineata L. Koch.- Rainbow, 1911: 275.
Trabea lineata L. Koch.- Bonnet: 1957: 4664.
Trabaeosa lineata (L. Koch).- Roewer, 1955c: 297.
Trabaeola lineata (L. Koch).- Roewer, 1960d: 582.
Trabea lineata L. Koch.- Rack, 1961: 3.
Trabaea lineata L. Koch.- McKay, 1973: 378.
Trabaeola lineata (L. Koch).- Russell-Smith, 1982: 88-89.
Trabaeola lineata (L. Koch).- Platnick, 1993: 509.
Trabaeosa lineata (L. Koch).- McKay, 1985b: 85.
Artoria lineata (L. Koch).- Framenau, 2002: 218-220, Figs 11A-F, 12.




Male and female (AM KS22510) of Artoria lineata (L. Koch) [as illustrated in Framenau (2002)]. A, male, habitus; B, C, left male pedipalp, ventral and retrolateral view; D, left male pedipalp, apical section of bulbus (AM KS4316); E, F, female epigyne and vulva. Scale bar: A, 2.21 mm; B, C, 0.73 mm; D, 0.57 mm; E, F, 0.51 mm.


Victoria and New South Wales [map as illustrated in Framenau (2002)], also South Australia (pers. observation, April 2002).


Artoria lineata appears to be a forest species (pers. observation).


© Volker W. Framenau, 2002

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