Artoria mckayi Framenau, 2002

Male of Artoria mckayi (Photo: D. Paul, University of Melbourne).

Systematics and Taxonomy

Artoria mckayi Framenau, 2002: 220-222, Figs 13A-F, 14.





Male holotype (MV K7431) and female (MV K7432) of Artoria mckayi [as illustrated in Framenau (2002)]. A, male, habitus; B, C, left male pedipalp, ventral and retrolateral view; D, left male pedipalp, apical part of bulbus (MV K7433); E, F, female epigyne and vulva. Scale bar: A 1.91 mm; B, C 0.57 mm; D 0.38 mm; E, F 0.48 mm.


Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania [map as illustrated in Framenau (2002)].

Biological Reference

Very common on riparian gravel banks at alpine rivers and streams (Framenau, 2002; Artoria sp. B in Framenau et al., 2002).


Volker W. Framenau, 2002

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