Lycosa godeffroyi  L. Koch, 1865

Female and male of Lycsoa godeffroyi [as illustrated in Koch, 1877a]. Cephalothorax length female 10.5 mm, male 10 mm.

N.B. Koch (1877a) himself synonymised Lycosa godeffroyi with Hogna bellatrix, which was not accepted by C. F. Roewer (in Platnick, 2001).

Systematics and Taxonomy

Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch, 1865: 867.
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.-  L. Koch, 1877a: 957-959, plate 83, Figs 3, 3a, 4, 4a.
Lycosa bellatrix L. Koch, 1865: 866 (synonymised in L. Koch, 1877a: 957).
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- Hogg, 1900: 77.
Tarentula godeffroyi L. Koch.- Strand, 1907i: 216.
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- Rainbow, 1911: 268.
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- Rainbow, 1917a: 488.
Geolycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- Roewer, 1955c: 243.
Geolycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- Rack, 1961: 38.
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- Main, 1964: 120 (fig. B-D) (from Geolycosa)
Geolycosa godeffroyi (L. Koch).- McKay, 1973: 380.
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- McKay, 1985b: 77-78.
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- Moritz, 1992: 314.
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch.- Platnick, 1993: 487.



Koch (1877a) lists material from Sydney [33°53’S, 151°13’E, New South Wales], Peak Downs [34°55'S, 138°36'E, Queensland] and Wollongong [34°25’S, 150°53’E, New South Wales] (Museum Godeffroy), from Sydney (Bradleys Collection) and from 'New Holland' ('Kgl. Naturalien Kabinett zu Stuttgart, Musum Stuttgart).


Common (Australia wide), e.g. the most common species in the collection of the Museum Victoria.

Biological References


Chapter VI in McKeown (1963) provides a very intimate and personal account of L. godeffroyi from the perspective of a non-scientist.


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