Wolf Spiders of Australia

Missing type specimens – listed by collection from which described

(c) V. W. Framenau, Western Australian Museum

Bradley’s Collection

The Bradleys Collection could not be found in London, Hamburg or Berlin, where most of L. Koch's material is housed. Other inquiries also did not show any result to find this interesting collection (e.g. Museum Wroclaw; McLeay Musem, University of Sydney). Consequently, I consider all wolf spider types of the Bradley collection lost (Framenau, 2005a) .

Museum of Natural History Wiesbaden (Germany)

Königliches Naturalienkabinett Stuttgart (Germany)

K.u.K Hofkabinett Vienna (Austria)

Canterbury Museum New Zealand (Urquhart’s Types)

Urquhart’s types from the Canterbury Museum in New Zealand are considered lost.


© Volker W. Framenau, 2002

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