Venatrix lapidosa (McKay, 1974)

Photo: David Paul (Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne)

Systematics and Taxonomy

Lycosa lapidosa McKay, 1974a: 13-15, Figs 3A-B, E-J.
Lycosa lapidosa McKay.- Brignoli, 1983: 450.
Lycosa lapidosa McKay.- McKay, 1985b: 79.
Venatrix lapidosa (McKay).- Framenau & Vink, 2001: 956-957, Figs 34A-E, 35.





Female holotype (a, b, e), female variation of epigyne and internal genitalia (f, h), and male pedipalp (g, i) and fang (j) of Venatrix lapidosa [as illustrated in McKay (1974a)].

Male and female of Venatrix lapidosa (McKay) (AM KS 58439) [as illustrated in Framenau & Vink (2001)].
A, B, left male pedipalp, ventral and retrolateral view; C, D, female epigyne and vulva; E, epigyne of holotype female (Queensland Museum W3865). Scale bar: A, B 1.52 mm; C, D, E 1.79 mm.



Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria (map as illustrated in Framenau & Vink (2001)].


Biological Reference

Restricted to riparian gravel banks.
Biennial life cycle in Victoria.

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Volker W. Framenau, 2002

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